Godless State




From the forthcoming LP, Repetition Is Hell


Progress / Harvest the pity for the weak
Guilty conscience / Prey for the meek, poor, sick and weary
Ask for money for gold items made
Don't look up
Power / Can't see / Growing / You’re enslaved
Godless state / State I've been living
Godless state / Taken / Broke in / Sects
Soul embraced?
Godless state / State I've been living

Godless state

So low - Can't see all the trouble we've seen
No home / Sanctuary
Only chains / So called / So absurd / Wilting away
Go home / Celebrate
I'll put this off and wait
Godless state - I'm the one living

Godless state

What is known
Two a day?
No one knows / Dying / Call to arms
I'm forsaken
All to ourselves
Holding on to shame
Brought this to a pulpit
Godless state
We're under and you can't show them
Holding to self

Godless state

We're under / Leave us unchained, calling out to guard them
All we've known / Wait

When all presented
Mouth open wide
Chop off the litter and wait
Battle to show
Knowledge we're owed
Without ever asking / Who / When / Or why?
Are you for sale?
How do you know?
With this obscene life that we're shown
All that's insane
Witness the pain

Godless state


released October 9, 2015
Jeff Sykes - vocals
Eric Lee - guitar
Reid Calkin - drums
Nicholas Wolf - Guitar/Vocals
Brad Macomber - Bass

Produced and Mixed by Alec Rodriguez at New Alliance Audio Productions

Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance Audio Productions



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LUNGLUST Boston, Massachusetts

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