Sovereign Ends




No easy road / signs all look ancient
Void everything that we know / signal the change / and now we owe ?
Assault the land / categorize dominion
Watch through the lense / lenses we share / NO TRADE OFF
Still of the day now / report to the lense / keep tabs on mom and dad / the income they spend / program the masses / violation the norm / protecting those above / not those below / NO TRADE OFF
The lives we live today / are filled with so much hate / present an offering / tell me how much will it take / to off the on switch / take ownership of fate / and all these sovereign ends / the ever rising rates / we all live to serve our sovereign state ? / try and stop the turning / moving parts and grinding gears / never surrender / show them / this gaping hole remains / now alive / caught in a wheel of intricate design.
You're not listening / controlling all things / we break chains / the same we made / take this all back / today.


released 13 July 2015
Jeff Sykes - vocals
Eric Lee - guitar
Reid Calkin - drums
Nicholas Wolf - Guitar/Vocals
Brad Macomber - Bass

Produced and Mixed by Alec Rodriguez at New Alliance Audio Productions

Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance Audio Productions



all rights reserved


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LUNGLUST Boston, Massachusetts


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